⿴ Holistic Innovation

Holistic Innovation can not only help us to  see the big picture, but can bring together all of the often hidden (but powerful) connections before we embark on providing solutions. If we can prepare our teams to visualise problem solving with a paradigm shift in how we process and qualify information – we create a new mindset – this can give us insights that have been previously overlooked, or out of our immediate radar reach.

The innovation matrix tools (see Process & Matrix) are based on Darwinian principles and helps us to adapt and redefine the problems and  are designed to explore the gaps in our knowledge, rewire unseen connections, boost the creative inputs and improve business decision making. One of the benefits using this holistic approach is that we find commercial considerations and creative solutions are integrated into  our thought processes at a much earlier stage. This has proven to be particularly advantageous when there is a demand for disruptive and radical innovation or a significant but practical competitive improvement. (Below; business teams working with the Darwinian Innovation Matrix at Hong Kong  Polytechnic University).

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